How Wearable Tech Will Change Your Life


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How Wearable Tech Will Change Your Life

With Google Glass, Apple’s Watch and FitBit-type products gaining popularity among consumers, it seems like every company is working on a piece of wearable technology. What can wearable tech do for you today, and what’s coming down the pike?

$53 billion

Projected market for wearable devices by 2019

Shipments of smart wearables by year (units)

2014: 27 million

2017: 116 million


View emails, calls and notifications

Turn-by-turn navigation

Internet access

Record video

Products and prototypes:

  • Google Glass
  • Innovega iOptik Contacts
  • Telepathy One
  • GlassUp


Monitor vital signs

Play music

Products and prototypes:

  • Intel InvenSense earbuds
  • iriverOn
  • Apple (patent application)


Netatmo’s June bracelet monitors your daily sun exposure and makes recommendations about clothing and SPF protection.

Electrozyme’s disposable temporary tattoos would gauge electrolyte and hydration levels, muscle exertion and physical performance.


Monitor sleep patterns

Detect signs of sleep apnea

Gentle alarm


  • NeuroOn (formerly Zizz)


Movement tracking

Heart rate tracking

Skin temperature and perspiration monitoring

Tracking calories burned

Silent-wake alarm

Mobile phone compatible


  • Fitbit
  • Nike+ FuelBand SE
  • Jawbone UP24
  • Basis Peak
  • Samsung Gear Fit


Wearable Solar’s under-development products integrate solar panels, enabling the garments themselves to serve as charging stations.

Products on the market by Voltaic Systems include backpacks that come equipped with solar panels.

Fabric being developed at Purdue University (for helping make space-faring robots safer) could be used for “Back to the Future”-style automatic fitting clothing, as it uses pressure and friction to move itself.

FuelWear’s Flame Base Layer, a shirt still in development, would automatically adjust its temperature based on your body temperature.

Clean air

Hand Tree, a concept developed as part of an Electrolux contest, is a bracelet-style air purifier.


Taking fitness to the foot level, Sensoria’s Fitness Socks track activity and measure cadence, helping runners improve their form.


Pavlok, a bracelet-style device, aims to help reinforce good behavior by delivering an electric shock when you do something you’re not supposed to do, like miss the gym too many times.