State Guides

Whether an associates degree in office technologies or a PhD in computer vision, there are scores of computer science-related degrees in every state in the union. And while many top offerings are now available online, that doesn’t mean that you may not want to benefit from programs with brick and mortar locations close to where you live (or want to live). First off, even many online programs that are available nationwide still have in and out-of-state tuition rates. Secondly, many support services and networking events are held on campus. And even with many support services available online, many schools don’t offer the full breadth of their career services, laboratories, or library services online. One last reason to check out programs that are located close to where you live is that many universities offer a wider range of programming on campus, and even in programs that can be completed entirely online, many programs offer greater elective choices in person. With that in mind, let us present our state guides for computer science education. Each has information on the job market, quality of life indicators, as well as the top ranked computer science-related programs in each state.