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jeremy-harrisonJeremy Harrison is a Systems Administrator at the University of Cincinnati who has over 16 years experience in the IT field. With a diverse professional background and many high profile employers including Cincinnati Bell, Clear Channel Radio, Toyota, Kroger, and the Cincinnati Reds, Jeremy brings a well rounded set of skills and perspective to IT discussions. An avid sports fan in his downtime, Jeremy enjoys attending Reds baseball and Louisville Cardinals basketball games with his son and daughter.

Our Mission

For decades now it has been viewed as a smart career move to go into the computer science or IT fields. The computerization of society continues, even today, at a rapid pace. While the sector has matured, most careers in the computer field continue growing rapidly.

Whether you are looking for a career change, or are fresh out of high school and deciding where to go next, Computer Science Zone has you covered. Our writers are committed to providing useful, authoritative resources and rankings for Computer Science and IT students, both prospective and current.

And we won’t stop there. We will also be providing resources for internships and career opportunities post graduation. Our goal is to help you find fulfilling, well compensated work in the computer science and IT fields by giving you all the information you need to thrive.

Our Advertising Policy

ComputerScienceZone.org was founded to provide an independently researched set of resources and rankings for potential computer science students. This is as much the case as ever in our site’s 5-year history. In an effort towards transparency, however, we wanted to let visitors know precisely how our site obtains funding to stay open. If you see any widgets or academic programs listed before academic program rankings, note the “sponsored” label. These are opportunities for potential students to connect with top tier regionally accredited universities and colleges. When students connect with these schools and request information, we receive a small marketing fee. Visitors to the site are under no obligation to provide information to these partner universities, nor to even view their information. These are just chances to connect with accredited computer science schools if they may be a good fit. This relationship is a bit like a college fair. You can obtain information on a school if it catches your eye.

Please also note that all content on computer science zone is separate from partner universities. We offer on paid placement and no paid posts on our site.

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