The 10 Best Computer Jobs For The Future

The server room at the UK National Archives.

The server room at the UK National Archives.

If you’re considering going back to school for a career in information technology, of course you want to make sure that the time and financial investment you make will pay off with a lucrative career. Read on to learn more about the ten best computer jobs, evaluated by projected growth over the next decade as well as salary. The ranking methodology of the list first takes into account number of new jobs over the next ten years as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics; salary is a secondary factor, with level of education needed as a tertiary consideration. By preparing for one of these careers, you ensure that you and your family will enjoy job security that will persevere.

1. Software Developer

If you are creative and have computer savvy, consider becoming a software developer. These professionals design and program the computer applications we all use each day. This job typically requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science along with strong programming skills in a variety of computer languages. If you’re up to the challenge, you’ll make an average annual salary of $93,350. And according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is expected to grow much faster than other occupations at 22 percent, which means about 222,600 new jobs by the year 2022.

2. Information Security Analysts

As we rely on information technology more and more, the security of this information becomes increasingly critical. These professionals, who typically have a bachelor’s degree, are responsible for making sure that data on company websites and servers is protected from theft and fraud. Security analysts make an average of $86,170 per year, and this career is expected to grow by a whopping 37 percent over the next decade, making it a great choice if you’re interested in a high salary and solid job security with room for growth.

3. Computer Systems Analysts

If you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology, you may consider becoming a systems analysts. These professionals design the ideal systems for businesses and organizations and help implement these designs. Not only does this job pay an average of $79,680 per year, it’s expected to grow much faster than other occupations. An unprecedented 127,700 new jobs are projected by 2022, growth of 25 percent.

4. Computer and Information Systems Manager

If you’re taking the long view of your career, you might consider getting a computer science bachelor’s degree and working your way up to become a CIS manager. With five years of experience, these professionals are typically the information technology leader in an organization, and make about $120,950 per year. This profession is projected to have rapid growth of 15 percent over the next ten years, or 50,900 new jobs by 2022.

5. Computer and Information Research Scientists

If you’re considering pursuing a doctoral degree in computer science, one excellent computer career to strive for is that of a research scientist. These professionals do research to solve complex computer problems in a variety of industries, and invent new ways to approach the ways we use technology. Although you usually need a Ph.D. to be a research scientist, you may be able to get a federal job in this field with a bachelor’s degree. Average annual salary is $102,190, with 15 percent job growth projected over the next ten years (faster than average for all occupations).

6. Computer Network Architect

If you have a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience, you can strive for a career as a network architect. These professionals are responsible for building connections between several businesses or a huge network of users. In addition to your degree and experience, expertise in a specific industry is usually required. Those in this role make an average of about $91,000, and there are expected to be 20,900 new jobs for network architects by 2022.

7. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

This is an excellent computer job that can be obtained with just a bachelor’s degree. As a systems administrator, you’re responsible for the day-to-day operations of the physical computer networks within organizations. Systems administrators make an average of $72,560, and there are projected to be more than 42,900 new jobs in this career by the year 2022.

8. Database Administrator

Database administrators use software to manage information capacity for businesses, government bureaus, and other organizations. A bachelor’s degree in an information technology related field along with experience building databases are typical requirements. Those in this role make an average annual salary of $77,080 per year, and the growth of this profession will be faster than other occupations at a projected 15 percent. That means about 4,100 new database administrator jobs will open up by 2022.

9. Web Developer

If you have a creative streak and are interested in potentially being self-employed, consider a job as a web developer. These professionals are responsible for the look and functionality of company websites, intranets, and applications. About a quarter of web developers are self-employed, and those in this profession make an average annual salary of $62,500, or $30.05 per hour. What’s more, the web developer role is expected to grow by 20 percent over the next decade, resulting in 28,500 new jobs by 2022. More good news? It’s possible to get into this career with just an associate’s degree.

10. Computer Support Specialists

These professionals help troubleshoot software and hardware problems for large and small companies alike. And while a career as a support specialist offers a solid annual salary of about $59,090, you don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree to get started (although it may help make you more attractive to employers). This field is expected to grow by 17 percent over the next 10 years, with 123,000 new jobs by 2022.

If you have an interest in computers and information technology, there are a wide variety of stable jobs that provide excellent salaries at a wide variety of educational levels. Whether you are just looking to get an associate’s degree or you’re interested in graduate school, a lucrative career in technology is well within your reach. This is an excellent field if you want a challenge as well as a stable future.