A career in computer science or information technology is one of the surest bets in higher education. Nearly every job in the computer industry is booming and has an excellent career outlook. But navigating the process of obtaining a computer science or IT education, finding the right internships, and landing your dream job can be a challenging endeavor. That’s where Computer Science Zone comes in. Welcome to the premier guide to obtaining a traditional or online Computer Science degree.

Our mission is to help those wishing to be in the computer science and IT industry, as well as those already in the industry, succeed. We will make that happen by providing you with unbiased, critical rankings for online programs and traditional programs backed by solid publicly available data and a methodology that is primarily concerned with excellent student outcomes. CSZ will also create resources that will help you get through college as frugally as possible (see: 50 awesome scholarships for Computer Science students), because the less student debt you have to take on, the better. Being flexible in your computer science / IT career path is key, and step one is carrying a low amount of debt.

We will also be taking an all encompassing look at the computer science and IT fields. What are the highest paying computer science jobs? What IT certifications will supercharge your earnings? How can you land the best possible internship? What are the best companies to work for – and what makes them the best?

Computer Science Zone will also feature long form resources that will be long term references for those in the computer science space, such as 50 online tools every computer science student should utilize.

It’s a new world. Higher education can literally be a negative in someone’s life if the process goes awry or the wrong career path is followed. Computer science and IT is as safe a bet as one will find, but you need to be armed with the best online information possible. Check back often, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and feel free to contact us anytime with questions or suggestions. Thank you for reading!